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C3 Habitat Corp.
Natural Resource Management

C3 Habitat Corp. is an accepted consultant on a variety of Western Washington Government rosters - both City and County jurisdictions. We can perform full formal wetland delineations and analyses for not only single-family properties but commercial properties as well. No property is too large or too small.

We can start with a simple site evaluation to determine wetland presence and conduct feasibility studies before you purchase property. 

If things become more complicated - C3 can provide you with wetland mitigation, restoration and planting plans to accommodate whatever your site specific requirement may be.

Need help determining the required setback from your shoreline before you build or Ordinary High Water Mark? C3 Habitat can conduct shoreline assessments and help you find an appropriate location to build your house or especially if you need to adjust the required buffer restrictions while maintaining a balance with your shoreline environment and view corridor. 

C3 can also Type your stream; help with stream buffers and habitat management.